How Profitable is Passion Fruit Farming In Kenya


Farming,especially passion fruit farming in kenya has gained alot of popularity in recent days. This venture has made millions for farmers in the north rift and around Kenya most of who are career people working in cooperates. Most farmers make between ksh15,000 and ksh200,000 per week depending on the size of the land under cultivation.


Passion fruit seedlings can be purchased locally. A reputable supplier is however recommended.  Before buying, a farmer should find out how and under which conditions they were developed i.e open air or greenhouse as it will determine how productive it will be. Passion fruit farming in greenhouses is a bit more profitable as there is more produce.A seedling costs about ksh10 for one seedling.

Ground preparation has to be done. The seedlings will be planted in 45× 45cm holes so in preparing to start passion fruit farming, you should consider the labor costs for this. The soil should also be mixed with manure to improve production.

Passion fruits can be grown in any space. The plants grow up to 20metres long being climbing plants and they are planted along a frame and therefore poles have to be in place. Wires are also tied between the poles. The plants will then grow along the wire line with the fruits developing from stems downwards.

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The plants should be watered frequently. Adopting an irrigation system would make the process easier but the same can still be done regularly. In maintenance, you would need to regularly prune the plant. This involves regular removal of tendrils which causes the vine to entangle, to ensure that lateral side branches hang down freely. Other than that, spraying is required regularly. At least once a week. Many farmers  have failed in this venture due to negligence in passion fruit farming in kenya.

Passion Fruit Farming in Kenya
A Kenyan Passion fruit Farm


Harvesting is done weekly when in season. Production increases gradually as the plant matures in the farm. For an acre of land, a passion fruit farmer in kenya can produce on average 600kg’s.This figure goes up to between 800kg and 900 kg’s when under irrigation. We have farmers who have harvested an average of ksh25,000 every week for the past 2 years comfortably and even enabled them to venture into other forms of farming such as dairy and mushroom farming to diversify and not depend too much on passion fruit farming in kenya.


During harvest season, a farmer makes between ksh24,000 and ksh60,000 per week on average.

The costs incurred amount to around ksh120,000 per acre. The seedlings amounting to around ksh75,000. Assuming you harvest an average of ksh30,000 per week for one and a half years, your income amounts to ksh2,370,000 on the lower side provided the plants are well taken care of. For a professional working in the office running a one acre farm, this is can greatly boost your monthly income and allow you to achieve your goals dreams and plans.